Event Promotion

Maximise the lifespan of your event and capitalise on the wealth of content available, and leverage this to drive increased attendance in the future.
  • Event Highlights  – Additional content at your event to convey the energy and show potential attendees why they should come along in the future.

  • Delegate Vox Pops Capture feedback from attendees talking about what they got out of the event.

  • Video Invitations – Create a short video invitation to be distrubeted via email, with a mix of content shot in a studio and at the event.

Expert Interviews & KOL Insights

Videos may be produced at a conference or event, or at a temporary studio set up for this purpose.
Videos may be published throughout your website, ideally within a video portal or playlist player.
Ideal for use as an excuse to contact conference attendees after the physical event to bring them back to your website and encourage them to engage with your brand.

You have access to esteemed talent…

Make the most of it.

Emotive Stories

Engage and captivate your audience through the use of dynamic visuals and powerful music.
Create a Hero
  • Let the audience build an emotional connection with an ambassador for your product or event.

Tell a Story
  • Leverage the emotional journey available through video to encourage your audience to get involved.

Showcase your Product
  • Demonstrate real people using your product and show their genuine reactions and feedback


The first step to a successful video is to clearly define the message and the best way to deliver it.
Our production crew manage:
  • Storyboarding

  • Shot Lists

  • Script Reviews & Rehearsals

  • Location Advice

  • Equipment Selection

All critical to ensure the video hits it’s mark.

Location, Location, Location…

We have access to a range of studio facilities throughout Australia, catering to all production requirements, from “talking head” deliveries to product demonstrations and panel discussions.
Office, Hotel & Outdoor Locations
Our flexible approach gives us the luxury of being able to work from most locations, we’ll bring all the required equipment and crew to the location most convenient for our clients.
We’ll visit the venue prior to production and advise on all aspects of the shoot, including lighting, noise, and environmental factors.

The Shoot

Depending on the scale and scope of the project, we can supply directors, producers, camera operators, audio technicians, and pretty much anyone else required to make the event run smoothly.
We arrive early and have everything set up and tested by the time the talent arrives, to ensure that all time spent onsite is productive.
Our crew are adept at assisting the talent throughout the process and putting them at ease to ensure the message is clear, concise and conveys the intended message.

Post-Production & Editing

Our editors will cut the video based on the director’s instructions, this may incorporate additional content, including;
  • PowerPoint Slides

  • Additional Video Content

  • Graphics and Credits

Draft edits are usually provided for review and discussion within a few days of production, with any additional changes made shortly after receiving the relevant instructions.

Publishing & Hosting

  • Video Players & Portals – We can host your video in either a simple player or specifically constructed portal, all designed inline with your brand, delivered via the Akamai CDN, and published on your website

  • Reporting – Detailed analytics are available, with results shown by individual assets, channels, or trends for all content.

  • Hosting Software Recommendations – We have vast experience with the leading video software providers and can help with any advice if you want to bring this service in-house.

Packages & Pricing

We have a range of standard packages to suit most applications, and everything can be customised to suit your individual needs.
Our standard offerings include:
  • Interviews and Expert Insights

  • Conference & Meeting Presentations

  • Event Highlights & Attendee Vox Pops

  • OH&S and Staff Training Libraries

  • Hero Profiles & Stories

  • Marketing & Sponsorship Material