Creo Media at a Glance

  1. Formed in 2011, by a group of experienced, likeminded, and extremely passionate individuals who were frustrated by the state of online video delivery in Australia.

  2. Our head office in Sydney with production crews spread throughout Australia.

  3. We’re flexible, we’ll always bend over backwards to find a soluiton that fits both our customers requirements and budget.

  4. We have a long list of satisfied customers that are happy to speak to prospective customers and tell you how great we are.

  5. We’re not a software company, so we don’t manipulate our customers to buy anything they don’t need.

  6. We love everything about video!

Our Directors

Andrew-profile-150x175Andrew Walker

When Andrew’s not evangelising Creo Media’s wares to just about anyone who’ll listen, he’s either out fishing or planning his next fishing mission.

Conal-profile-150x175Conal McCullough

When Conal’s not busy ensuring that everything’s in order for our next project, he’s making something from a bunch of spare parts in his garage.

Our business mantra

Our firm belief is that the best way to continue to build a successful business is to form longterm relationships with our customers and have them keep coming back for more.

What this means for you: We will always go the extra mile to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Our promise to you

Our commitment to every customer that we deal with is that the project is in safe hands. We’re always eager to share our knowledge and expertise, we’ve delivered some “out there” jobs in the past and nothing shocks us these days.

Let us deal with all aspects of your job so that you can spend your time focusing what you’d rather be doing.

Why our customers trust us

  • We are Australia’s most experienced live online video services agency, we’ve gained immeasurable knowledge from the countless hours of video we’ve delivered, knowledge which we’ll readily pass on to our clients to ensure project success.

  • We’ve never had a project fail, and we’re confident that we’re the only provider who can say this.

  • No job is too big or too small, we’ve successfully delivered projects for clients ranging from small startups to the Pope live from the Vatican.

  • We’re “idea’s guys”, no matter the challenges we’ll always find a solution to fit any scope or budget.

  • We’re not precious, even though we’re always proud of the work we produce, we are always happy to be responsible for as much or as little of a project as required.

  • We focus on our customers, we get the job done and we do it well.

  • We’ve worked in all the major venues in Australia, no matter where your event is we’re likely to have experience there and know how to work with the in-house team to get things done with no fuss.

  • Creo Media is a services company, we handpick the best solutions from around the world to ensure our client’s always benefit from market-leading technology.

  • We love positive feedback from our clients, so we’ll always do what it takes to make sure you’re happy.


What’s the story with our tagline?

We’ve never quite agreed on what our tagline is supposed to mean, but as soon as we heard it out loud there was a solemn silence, followed soon after by smiles all round and an overwhelming sense of satisfaction… We’d approved it and had it printed on business cards (it doesn’t get more official that that) before we tried to explain it to someone, here’s the director’s interpretations:

“To me, Tell Someone Who Cares refers to delivering the message to the right people, wherever they are and using the technology that best suits both the audience and the message.

Our goal when creating this company was to act as a brokerage of solutions, and to have knowledge of and access to all the leading technologies from around the globe, so that we can always help our customers improve on previous projects and stay ahead of the competition. It’s working, they’ve kept us busy ever since…”

– Andrew Walker

“Tell Someone Who Cares means that our customers can always count on us to listen to their needs and offer genuine solutions, rather than just bolting on a bunch of products.

There’s no point broadcasting a message if the relevant and intended audience can’t view it, engage with it, and absorb it in the optimum manner. Video can be so effective if executed correctly, it’s frustrating at times to see poorly thought out campaigns that could have been infinitely better had the delivery been altered.”

– Conal McCullough

They’re both reasonable explanations… and both variations hold true to our core beliefs here at Creo Media HQ.


Phone number:

+61 2 9698 2228


100 Collins Street,

Alexandria NSW 2015



73 150 634 594


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